Zoran Čelebić

Born in Podgorica where he has graduated at Law Faculty. Married, three children.

Vocational education and training


passed state license exam for work in public administration bodies in Podgorica


participant in many seminars and international conferences about labour, labour relations, employment, social dialogue and tripartism


passed judicial state examination in Belgrade


study visit to London, organised by Department for Education and Employment of Great Britain


Zlatibor – seminar organised by United States Institute of Peace – skills of political dialogue and multiethnic integration


study visit to Prague, organised by International Labour Organisation


finished postgraduate – specialist studies in the field of EU Law at Law Faculty in Belgrade


study visit to Strasbourg, for visiting institutions of European Union and harmonisation of provisions of national legislation with EU legislation


vocational education and training programme organised by Human Resources Management Authority of Montenegro: public finances system and national budget; planning and execution of national budget; drafting and management of projects in the Authority; managing funds received through international technical assistance; negotiations and negotiating skills; management and development of human resources; execution of performance appraisal; protection of human rights and liberties


passed bar examination in Podgorica


Budva/Pržno – Programme of vocational development of judicial function holders, the Police and lawyers in the area of the criminal legislation within organization of the American Embassy in Montenegro,Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Montenegro and the Center for education of judicial function holders in Montenegro


Certificate of the Chamber of Lawyers of Montenegro on completed specialist training for juveniles


UNHCR certificate in Montenegro on completed training on refugee law and asylum system in Montenegro

Work experienc


trainee in the construction company “Tehnobeograd” in Podgorica


jurist in the Secretariat for Judiciary and Administration of the Republic in Podgorica


Advisor in the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro


Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro


Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Montenegro


beside the function of Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Montenegro, he also performed the function Of national coordinator for relations with EU Monitoring Mission in Montenegro


Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Labour, Health and Social Policy in Belgrade


beside the function of the Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Labour, Health and Social Policy, he also performed the function of the Secretary of the Council for Protection of Environment and Human Health from Effects of NATO Bombing (Council was formed by the Federal Government)


acting Federal Secretary of the Federal Secretariat for Labour, health and Social Welfare in Belgrade


special advisor of the President of Chamber of Commerce of Yugoslavia in Belgrade


Director for general and legal affairs in “Millennium” Ltd. – daily “Publika” – Podgorica


Executive director of the Agency for public relations “Apriori komunikacije” Ltd. – Podgorica


Executive director of the agency for monitoring and analysis of press releases “Press clipping” Ltd. – Podgorica


Assistant Director in Directorate of Public Works of the Government of Montenegro – Sector for Investments


Independently performs activities of a lawyer


By the Parliament of Montenegro appointed a member of the Council for Civil Control of the Police, on behalf of the Chamber of Lawyers of Montenegro


president of the Council for Civilian Labor Inspection of the Police

Additional information

  • In the five-year period starting from September 7th 1991, as a member of national delegation he participated in a number of international negotiations and conferences about former Yugoslavia, which were held in Hague, Athens, Geneva and London. He also participated as a member of the national delegation in peace talks on former Yugoslavia in Dayton, as well as in the peace conference in Paris, in November and December 1995, where the Peace Agreement was signed.

  • In February 2001, in Berlin, he led the delegation of FR Yugoslavia at the session of Yugoslavian-German expert working group on employment of Yugoslavian detached workers in FR Germany.

  • In June 2002, in Geneva, he led the delegation of FR Yugoslavia at the 90th Session of the General Conference of International Labour Organisation.

  • In October 2003, in Podgorica – founder and one of the establishers of the first Montenegrin Society for Public Relations.

  • Was a member of working groups for drafting of various regulations.

  • Speaks English language